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Baker & Lawson, Inc. has served site development and public works clients since 1965. The firm's capabilities include design of civil engineering site improvements, utility design, including water, waste supply, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment design and improvements. We have prepared complex drainage analyses for clients throughout the region. 

Additionally, Baker & Lawson, Inc. has assisted clients in complex permitting issues including drainage district approvals, US Corps of Engineer permits, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation permits, Texas Department of Transportation permit and permits from Brazoria, Harris and surrounding counties. 

Baker & Lawson's background in the planning and design of public works, along with its unique perspective developed from its role in service to agencies directly as their engineer, makes us uniquely qualified to address the infrastructure needs of new projects and growing communities. We  have also assisted local communities in obtaining grants from state agencies for infrastructure needs and worked with private interests in the master planning of community developments. 


The firm has extensive background in public and private interaction involved in real estate development. Beside extensive experience as the consulting engineer to private developers, the firm has a unique perspective due to Baker & Lawson's service to public works agencies in southern Brazoria County.  These assignments provide Baker & Lawson, Inc with a complete understanding of the needs of public agencies in regulating development withing their political boundaries.

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  • Residential and Commercial Development

  • Utility Design and Rehabilitation

  • Water and Wastewater Design/Analyses

  • Drainage Design and Studies 

  • Floodplain Mapping

  • Levee Certification and Inspection

  • Construction Services

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Municipal/Urban Roadway Design

  • Storm Water Management

  • Regulatory Policy Assistance

  • Project Cost Estimating

  • Traffic Control Studies and Plans

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Erosion Control Design/Stabilization

  • Lift Station Design

  • In-House Surveying


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